The new Vogue China editor in chief is 27 years old

Aaaaand it’s giving me performance anxiety.

I am hunched at my computer in my bedroom working from home and just came across a very cool (in general) but also very unsettling (at a personal level) piece of news: Margaret Zhang — 27 years of age — is the new editor in chief of Vogue China.

I am 29 and nowhere near being an editor? in chief? of anything?? and of course, did not know who she was but proceeded immediately to scroll through her Instagram and yes, she is very cool and young and has the aesthetics of someone that is fabulous without making an effort. Peep her here.

I then proceeded to start feeling like it’s a nice time and a bright day to start questioning my own life: what am I doing at 29? Should I have done something differently? This went on for a good 15 minutes (a short one today — I`m getting better at curbing my own existential crisis, it’s kind of like training a dog) until I remembered perception is not a good benchmark for comparison.

There are useful and useless takeaways from every event: in Margaret’s case, the fact that she is so young is a clear sign that the fashion industry is adapting to connect with the voice of the younger generation, that the codes of self-expression, luxury, and identity are not monolithic and are starting to be influenced more and more by modern and fresh social conversations, with purpose and meaning. And I love overthinking and trying to find the meaning! behind! all the things!

But I also kind of think I would not (and could not) be completely happy to be in Margaret’s position. Can you imagine the pressure that comes with the job? The expectations to “be the voice of a generation” and constantly have a fresh, distinct, creative perspective on all things? There is pressure on being a change — maker, and even more so for the younger generations. She will probably have to face a lot of old structures within the company that will push back on her point of view (or not, I could be assuming things, don`t trust me — I’m just rambling from my bed and don’t have cool blue hair like Margaret).

So what’s next for me, a mere mortal with occasional performance anxiety? Definitely not dying my hair blue, of course.

I’ll follow Margaret on IG and watch the journey of an exceptional case: someone with creative power, a lifetime of stability and financial security to access top education and explore her passions with confidence, and in the meantime, keep being proud of the work and life I am building for myself (currently hunching from my bed/desk/home office).

And maybe attempt to look cooler on the grid? Can’t hurt.




Culture writers. Millennials. Always overthinking, never too seriously. Escribimos en spanglish.

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Culture writers. Millennials. Always overthinking, never too seriously. Escribimos en spanglish.

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